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10 Reasons we TRAVEL

We travel to escape ourselves, our lives that we cant help but feel there is not enough adventure in, to overcome fear and face our own faults. Travelling is about going curiously into… Continue reading


I never quite understand why people are constantly telling us to ‘just be yourself’. No one is actually interested in who you are; when you go for that dream job interview you are… Continue reading

Don’t Completley Write off Reality

All this bullshit your primary school teachers tell you about a god, is the worst. There is no god up there or down there – however you want to see it. There is… Continue reading


Love is a perception; it is a false guarantee. Love is an escape from reality. The passion, the beauty and the ambition you see, draw you in to the point of obsession. Until… Continue reading


Beyond the endless sky, beyond the deepest ocean, beyond our own barriers there is a reality. So batten down the hatches and endure the rough seas, and maintain hope that as each storm… Continue reading

Self Diagnosis

Eight months ago I packed my backpack, guitar and skateboard and donated the entirety of my remaining possessions to charity. Within a week I dropped out of university, abandoned my job, signed over… Continue reading

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