10 Reasons we TRAVEL

We travel to escape ourselves, our lives that we cant help but feel there is not enough adventure in, to overcome fear and face our own faults. Travelling is about going curiously into the unknown, uncovering new territory, new cultures and discovering yourself. We travel because we want, no we need to learn more about ourselves. I struggle with my mental state on a daily basis and the only solution I truly believe in is to challenge myself as much as possible to make me a stronger person that can deal with anything life throws at me. I travel to teach myself to live without the need for materialistic items and to open my eyes and see the little things in life that make the world so beautiful. I travel to show the world my view of success that is not based on status or money, but personal happiness. For me, personal happiness is directly derived from the experiences I have and the people I meet along the way. I live for happiness and if I am in a position that is not fulfilling that, I move on and I go out and find it. This creates much judgment from people all around me and I have come to terms with the fact that happiness is different for each and every person. Who am I to judge someone for having a different view of happiness? So why are we constantly judging people and putting others down for choosing a path that differentiates from your own.

Great Ocean Rd, AUS 2015

Many pass off travel as a certain phase in your life or “something that you need to do when you are young to get it out of your system”. I am in my early 20’s and I can foresee that travel is not going to be a phase in my life, not something that I‘m going to one day be rid of, it’s a lifestyle I choose in order to chase my dreams.

To leave this world with a wealth of knowledge gained from a lifetime of experiences while understanding the world and its people is my ideology of happiness and success.

Grand Canyon, USA 2015


  • To completely immerse oneself in another culture to enrich our minds of a most valuable knowledge
  • To lose yourself so that you can venture to find yourself all over again
  • To appreciate the lyrics and the notes, the sea and the stars, yourself and others
  • To lead and not follow on a path you are directing for yourself of which you have created
  • To not only experience freedom but to define it
  • To find peace within yourself and your world
  • To discover your limits and be fearless
  • To challenge reality
  • To create and to inspire
  • To embellish a passion so strong you cannot imagine a life lived without it

    Vietnam 2015

    Vietnam 2015