12 Ways To Experience New York In Fall

Whether you come to New York to find labels and love, as Carrie Bradshaw would say, or to lose yourself in a city so grand that it is the fundamental influence of the culture of art, fashion and finance across the globe.

New York City has something for everyone; it’s the city that never sleeps and the city of hopes and dreams for people all over the world. I came to the big apple expecting to get lost in a city of such diverse culture; I took a bite and experienced a taste that was unlike any other.

View of New York City from Jersey

View of New York City from Jersey

  1. Fall in love with Central Park n fall as you sit in perfect serenity watching the leaves as they break off the branches and float through the air in such grace. Lay down on the pile of leaves that are such vibrant colours of red and orange that they look three-dimensional and enjoy the presence of the squirrels running up the trees.

Central Park

  1. Lose yourself in the history of the empire state building and try and remember to catch your breath as you step outside on the 86th floor to 360-degree views of the entire city.
Empire State Observatory

Empire State Observatory View 

  1. Get captivated by the radiant display of wealth the city has on show and allow yourself to feel dizzy as you search for the top of the skyscrapers lost among the clouds.


  1. Become overwhelmed by the advertising in Times Square by day and allow yourself to travel to an alternate universe by night.


  1. Stroll across the famous Brooklyn Bridge with a childish and infectious grin across your face and admire the views of New York City and Brooklyn from a central point over the Hudson River.


  1. Grab a pretzel from a street cart, have breakfast at Tiffany’s and capture a still moment as the doorman poses with you.


  1. Hire a pair of skates and go ice-skating in central park. Laugh as you lose your balance and sing in joy as you fly across the ice with the most beautiful sights all around you.


  1. Drink overpriced champagne out of sippy cups at a show on Broadway after too many happy hour Budweiser’s and buffalo wings at a local sports bar.


  1. Sail around the statue of liberty in all her glory and watch her light up her torch as the sun goes down. From Jersey City, see magic happen with the view of the entire city coming to life with lights as they reflect over the river.

Statue of Liberty

  1. Explore the beautiful apartment buildings on Park Avenue on the Upper East Side and sit on the steps of the grand metropolitan museum. Continue down Museum Avenue and treat yourself to the work of local artists displaying their remarkable talent.


  1. Experience the chaos that New York Yellow cabbies bring to the roads as they so confidently weave in and out of traffic and yell at other less skillful drivers slowing them down.


  1. Indulge in cocktails and jazz in Greenwich Village and a glass of Pinot and spectacular views at various rooftop bars.
One Love

One Love