Monthly Archive: March, 2015

Slow boat to an unexpectedly busy city

After a restless night we boarded the bus and headed to the border of Thailand and Laos, crossing through the border was a nightmare as expected. I recommend to anyone who is doing… Continue reading

Flirting with Chiang MaiĀ 

It was valentines day and the last night that our trekking group were all in Chiang Mai together, so it seemed only right to hit the pubs. After cleaning out the bar at… Continue reading

The Day Do Do Stole My Heart

Picture this – you walk into a large open national park area where you see three elephants happily walking around, playing and spraying muddy water all over themselves and munching away at leaves… Continue reading

Trekking in the Thai Jungle

I took the overnight sleeper train to Chiang Mai, a 14 hour long journey with a lovely Puerto Ricon man travelling on his own. Upon arriving, myself and the two Canadian guys opposite… Continue reading

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