Welcome to Bangkok

I am a person that attracts drama, mostly as a result of my own doing, in any case, life just has it’s own unique way of ensuring my adventures tap into a somewhat out of the ordinary experience.

I had a lovely middle aged man that sat next to me on my flight to Bangkok, he that slept the entire 9 hour flight and had a habit of twitching and somehow pulling my headphones out of the socket on the armchair each time. I sat waiting staring the entire flight hoping he would wake because less then 2 hours into the flight i felt the effect of the 2 pints of beer i had earlier, I needed the toilet and I needed it soon. My politeness got the better of me and i walked off the plane with severe cramps limping excitedly to the the toilets.

Arriving at the airport at 2am is not out of the ordinary for international flights, a very quick transition through customs and border control led us out to the guest pick up area. There was hundreds of people gathering around with pieces of paper with names in all different languages, handwritten, painted, printed you name it. There were people sitting down half asleep holding the signs above their heads, people with them stuck against the wall with an arrow pointing to the man or woman to the side and there were people with them stapled to their shirts .. this one said Maggie.

My last minute booking of a nearby hotel had worked I paid $30 for the night which included a late night pick up. The older Thai man with my name stapled to his shirt, greeted me so cheerfully with a bow and with very broken english told me to follow him.

The following day I make my way downstairs from my hotel room to go get my free breakfast. Eggs on toast with cabbage salad, coffee and their famous fruit juice.

I returned to my room to pack up my things and head down to the lobby to return to the airport where i planned to get a train into the city. However, when trying to open the door i realised it was jammed. I called reception and they sent a workman up – the same man that picked me up from the airport. He spent the next 20 minutes trying to dismantle the door and just when I thought I was going to have to climb down the 7 stories, he appeared through my window. He had just leaped from next doors balcony..a meter in distance with no rail to hold onto….7 stories high. He continued to dismantle the door from the inside while talking to me in Thai and laughing at me when I could not understand what he was saying. I quickly google the word for thank you and he only laughed more when he heard my pronunciation. He then said “Welcome BANGKOK!” with a great big smile with pride in his english. People like this are the ones that really influence traveling.
I couldn’t have hoped for a more interesting start to my South East Asia trip.