Is Happiness an Ideology

“What are you going to DO with your life”, “what do you want to BE when you grow up”.

Society is putting too much pressure on young people to create an idea of their future. An idea they instil in their young and inexperienced minds is one that meets the expectation, one that is solely based on what is presumed to make you happy; Success, power, wealth, love, status and comfort. They are forced to set up their entire life based on this presumption, to go on living our individual lives with our unique thoughts in a somewhat unified manner. Work hard at school, go to college and become successful at something, this will make you happy. Being someone reputable and well respected in society and making enough money to buy nice things and live in comfort, to be envied and to represent the expectation.

Many people spends their entire life working toward this ideology and for some, it brings happiness but others, a feeling that something is missing and an overwhelming desire to find themselves. If only they had allowed themselves to experience what the world has to offer, maybe they might have chosen a different path, become a different person.  I am choosing a true sense of happiness over entrapment, freedom over commitment, adventure over sacrifice, risk over security, experience over a planned future and a passion for life over a life lived searching for a passion.

Happiness is undefinable, it is an individualistic emotion. Once happiness becomes defined, the emotion is created. Is the emotion we experience one that we feel because we have been taught to feel that way, and we feel it when reach the expectation because that’s what society tells us is happiness.

Ask yourself the ultimate question, have you experienced happiness or just the ideology of it?