Whitehaven Beach

A 7km stretch of 98% pure silica forms a perfectly white beach on the Whitsunday’s biggest Island. Whitehaven Beach is one of the top 5 beaches in the world and one of the most pictured beaches on earth.

Whitsunday Island is the same size as Barbados, they are both tropical Islands however Barbados is home to a population of 250,000 and Whitsunday Island is completely uninhabited.



We drop the sails as we make our way into tongue bay, our access point to Whitehaven beach. After picking up the mooring line I jump into the dingy and usher everyone in while passionately explaining the laws of the Whitsunday Islands. “take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints, no rubbish, no smoking and do not fill your water bottle with sand!” On the short trip to the bay where the walk to the beach starts, I point out all the little turtle heads popping up for air. Tongue bay is filled with sea grass so it is the perfect home for turtles, and they love to come out to play for the tourists. When we finally offload all the guests onto the small coral beach of Tongue Bay, I lead the way through the bush up to Hill Inlet lookout. By the time we make the short hike up to the lookout, everyone has stripped down to their bikini’s and boardies, soaking up the hot tropical QLD sun. From the lookout I point out the small stingrays and lemon sharks and explain the history of the beach, while taking numerous photos for the guests.


We make the final walk down to the beach and I sit in the crystal blue water polishing my jewellery and exfoliating my skin with the silica sand, soaking up the sun and laughing at all the suits back in the real world stuck in an office with phones and computers with pictures of tropical beaches as their screen-savers.

On average, more than 200people walk on this pristine beach each day, many fly halfway around the world just to experience it’s beauty, the alluring beauty that never seized to amaze me day after day. Everyday I saw a different view of the inlet from the influence of the tidal formations. Everyday I got to hear the same aw’s of amazement from people from all over the world when they first saw the spectacularly breathtaking view from the Hill Inlet lookout and when they first touched the dazzling white sand. Everyday I walked on that hot sand and felt the fineness of the silica between my toes and the squeak as my heel dug into it. Every day I came home to shower and left a little pile of white sand on the bathroom floor. Everyday I came home to my chilled aloe vera gel to lather onto my crusty red sunburnt skin. I came to the conclusion that because the sand is so white, it is reflective, therefore 1 hour on the white sand is equivalent to 4hours on a regular beach. This quickly became my favourite place on earth.