A Few Steps of Shame

With “The Great Barrier Reef’ as the postal address, a lack of police, traffic, supermarkets and ultimately reality on an island equivalent to the size of central park, the allure of the ‘dream job’ for people all over the world is unmistakable. However, adjusting to island life is not easy, sometimes the best thing about your job is leaving at the end of the day and get that long awaited break from your winging colleges and demanding boss. Hayman Island staff village offered you the unique opportunity to work, eat, sleep and socialise with the same people day in and day out.

View of Hayman Island's Marina and Langford Island, 2013

View of Hayman Island’s Marina and Langford Island, 2013

The community was made up of a very diverse group of individuals who were either running from something or someone, taking a career break or a mid life crisis, attempting to save money or simply drifting through an alternate experience. But together they became a family who would always find an excuse to get together for a drink and were accepting of each other’s newfound lack of morals, standards and hygiene.

It’s times like one night stands that really screw you over. Say for instance (completely hypothetical) you had a bit too much to drink at the staff bar and decided to have a sleepover with one the pool cleaner’s. On the bright side, sneaking out and getting home is easier then ever, it’s ‘the few steps of shame’. Not only do you have get up every day and see your newfound friend, your ‘few steps of shame’ through the staff village never goes unnoticed. By the time you hit the staff diner for breakfast, you’re either getting the nod or the sympathy ‘I’ve been there too’ look.

So maybe you think that today you are just going to call in sick to work and hide out in your room all day. That might be possible if you weren’t the main attraction at the staff only bar just a short three hours prior. There is no way around it, they own you, they know where you are and what you are doing all times and the term ‘off duty’, well that’s just simply naive.