Self Diagnosis

Eight months ago I packed my backpack, guitar and skateboard and donated the entirety of my remaining possessions to charity. Within a week I dropped out of university, abandoned my job, signed over my lease, cancelled my phone plan, sold my car and used the money to pay off my debts and book a one-way ticket to Argentina. Then I moved to a remote island in the Great Barrier Reef and didn’t look back. Unbeknown to me at the time, but this was to be the first day of the rest of my life, the day I began to drift. 

Tales of a Drifter is an insight into the simple yet complex mind of a drifter through the tales of my experiences and adventures.  

Blyde River Canyons, South Africa 2014


Drifting is about valuing your personal experience of which is acquired through the connection one develops with people and their surroundings. It’s achieved by trusting in people and more importantly in yourself, accepting who you are as people without desire to change. I allow myself to be guided but never grounded. Fate cannot be controlled but I set my own sails and steer my life in the direction I choose. Some say that at times I’m way off course, that I’m heading further out to sea rather than heading for the closest landfall, but life is a journey and I’ve only just begun mine. It is often criticised as being an irresponsible and irrational way to look at life. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, which is what makes society so interesting. Nonetheless, until someone discovers the meaning of life, I am going to enjoy, explore and discover our beautiful world because life is short and there really is so much to see.  I am consumed by wanderlust, I am a free spirit, I rebel against conformity and I loathe perfection, because perfection tempts fate.

Antarctica, 2014

Antarctica, 2014

I am who I am because I allow myself to be open to experiences that are uniquely incommensurable. The people I have met and the places I have stayed along the way have significantly shaped my experiences and have led me here to tell you the tales.

So stay tuned as I recount my tales of how I ended up on a remote island in the Great Barrier Reef, working as a tour guide on one of the worlds most famous beaches, sailing to Antarctica and crossing the South Atlantic Ocean, hanging out with the African wildlife and everything in between.

My future is unknown and once I know, once I find a reason to stay, I will no longer be a drifter, but until then, these are my tales, my tales of a drifter.